PTH Series

The mill housing of the hammer mill is in a welded construction with two hinged parts, which can be opened with a hydraulic. The interior is armored with resistant plates or castings and the rotor disks are also made of a wear-resistant material. It is driven by a motor and a Mill pulley and can be equipped with various services. Depending on drive capacity of 18-55 kW, the hammer mill makes a throughput of up to 8 t/h.

PTH Weight incl. Base frame Power driving power
490-190 750kg 1,8t/h 7,5-22kw
490-380 1000kg 3-4t/h 11-30kw
650-250 1350kg 4t/h 15-45kw
650-500 1600kg 7t/h 18-55kw
650-750 2500kg 9-10t/h 22-75kw
1000-750 5700kg 15-18t/h 30-160kw
1000-1250 7600kg 22-25t/h 45-200kw
1000-2000 13600kg 30-35t/h 55-250kw
1000-2500 25400kg 55-60t/h 75-300kw