Perfected finest grinding

The mill housing of the hammer mill is built with a sophisticated welding construction with two folding top sections, which can be opened hydraulically. The interior is armored with wear resistant Hardox plates or cast elements in the wear areas. The rotor discs are also made of special Hardox material and for hammer mills suitable material. The rotor is driven over v-belt pulleys that can be changed for different speeds and different power levels. Depending on the drive power of 7.5-300kW, the hammer mill delivers a throughput of up to 60t/h and has a unit weight between 750kg and 25t. The suitable machine for each feed material and the desired final product can be determined with diverse options and extensions.

Fields of application

When a final grain of 1 mm and smaller is to be produced, in many cases the most economic soluation solution is a hammer mill. Hammer mills are often used to grind limestone, phosphates or plaster, but they are also suitable in other areas of application such as glass recycling and many more. With the different designs and work methods of various hammer mill models, we can build and install the perfect solution for your plant application and your specific material. The hammer mills are also integrated in already existing plants to generate the operator a higher throughput with a better product quality while at the same time reducing costs and making the production more profitable.

Powerful – Compact - Efficient

Depending on the desired input size, the material, the throughput and the final grain size, we can choose the most suitable machine for your requirements. We are happy to support you with the selection and conception of your machines and help you with our more than 25 years of experience with hammer mills in many different material applications.

For the Big Requirements

You require a large amount of finest final product and you want to produce it cost effectively and profitably? Then you are exactly right with the PTH 100 Series. With a rotor width of 750mm to 2500mm and drive engines of up to 300kW we also have the right hammer mill for for the big tasks and jobs.

Impact Mill meets Hammer mill

The combination of impact crusher housing and hammer mill rotor is especially suitable for applications like separation of PVB foil and glass for car windshields or heavy duty safety glass. With the use of various hammers, blades or cutters in the rotor, we can ensure a perfect crushing of different materials and products. The wear parts of the PTKS H are made of chromium cast or Hardox and provide a cost-efficient production with a high quality end product.

The Hammer mill with 2 rotors

This hammer mill is using 2 rotors to provide a maximum level of fine material during production. A final grain sizes of 1mm and smaller can be produced within 1 production step by the use of the 2 counter-rotating rotos.

A hammer mill as a shredder

The PTH SI Shredder has been created based on our hammer mills. It is used especially for shredder light fraction or also for electronic waste processing. The rotor can be equipped with various hammers and blades and the shredder has a 240° grid around the rotor through which the shredded material reaches the outlet. With different sized grids and rotor speeds the size of the final product can be determined. All in all a shredder for varied products and applications!

Individual solution according to client’s wish

You have certain wishes and ideas for your machine or you only have limited space for the extension of your plant? Exactly then we are able to adjust existing technology and install a machine that wouldn't have been installed with a standard design. This way we create diverse unique impact crushers and hammer mills each year, whereas the solution of an existing problem or an idea for each of those machines has priority.

Primary Crusher + Hammer mill

Both of these machines are often used together, because the impact mill alone can't ensure finest crushing and the hammer mill is limited by the feed size of the material. Depending on your wishes and task, impact mills and hammer mills can be used in varied sizes to crush feed sizes of more than 1000mm in only two steps to under 1mm. The sizes of the machines are mainly determined by the factors feed size and output per hour.

The combination of the PT impact mill as primary crusher and the PTH hammer mill as secondary crusher provides the perfect final product. This way, your feed material can be crushed from any feed size with both machines to a final product of under 1mm. The perfect solution for finest graining!