For a perfect final product

The reversible PTKS impact crusher

Unique in form and flexibility

Made in Germany

The PTKS Impact Crushers are used as reversible secondary crushers and for crushing the often unwanted oversized grain with only one process directly to a fixed defined end product size. This is ensured by the front impact of the incoming material and firmly fitted grinding path, so that the crushing can occur at the entire front surface and sharp edge of the impact bar. With the reversible rotor, the flexible setting of the impact crushers and the grinding path, the PTKS Impact Crusher offers a number of usage options for diverse materials.

The inlet size is max. 100 mm and the size of the final grain can be freely set up down to 1 mm. Depending on the configuration level and size, a performance of up to 200t/h is possible. The fields of application range goes from chippings and crushed sand to glass recycling and different kind of other materials.

The semi-mobile PTKS unit is additionally equipped with a discharge conveyor, an SPS control panel with a frequency exchanger, an exchangeable inlet bunker and it can be installed directly into an existing production at any client for testing the flexibility of the machine and to the higher quality of the end products.

Powerful in every detail

The series of the PTKS Impact Crushers (100-50, 100-67, 100-100 und 130-130) includes a wide range of performance and features diverse fields of applications of reversible secondary crushers. Key field of application of these impact crusher is especially the production of double-crushed chips and crushed sand, but constantly find another application in asphalt processing, glass recycling and many others.

Set selective color accents

The individual color line

Choose from 2 basic colors as well as different color accents and combine them suitable to your existing primary crusher or the colors used for your company. The color line offers you the option to implement your individual wishes to the detail.

Ready for every use

Our PTSK Series

A variety of combinations

Mobile solution

To integrate the PTKS in an existing production plant quickly and easily and to cover the various fields of application in a better way, the PTKS has been extended with an electric drive, a discharge conveyor and a SPS control unit which enables autonomous use for different machine and product tests.

All components are build on a steel construction for an easy transport and installation. This PTKS crusher will increase your overall production and even the efficiency of your screens and other plant components. Because of its performance and the big advantage to produce less oversize material in one crushing process other components get also more profitable. You are able to achieve a much better grain quality and you are flexible in defining the required grain sizes just by one click. With a weight of approx. 18 tons, the semi-mobile PTKS is built very robust and rugged for each application with a minimum of set-up time.

Customer oriented solutions

Stationary solution

To run material over screening machines, different crushers and other plant components in a production cycle increases costs per ton and decreases profitability of a hole plant immensely. To make an existing production processes more profitable and effective, secondary crushers are installed in stationary plants. The integration of a PTKS reduces production costs while increasing hourly performance and quality at the same time.

The PTKS offers a number of fields of application as secondary crusher in the area of stationary processing and can be integrated in every production line with an individually adjusted construction of the optional add-on parts and the steel structure itself.

Each PTKS is adjusted to the existing condition and inserted according to your wishes. We support you from the constructive integration in your production line to the assembly of all components and the first start of the machine.