Prall-Tec Wood Shredder

The PTW2 wood shredder used for pre-crushing of rough piece of wood, pallets, residual wood particle board or other components made of wood. The PTW2 is equipped with 2 shredding waves, which are equipped with easily replaceable blades. On the shredder several different standard feed hopper can be placed or constructed on a customer's Bunker which is subject to the requirements on site. The discontinued by an excavator or wheel loader is pre-shredded wood for subsequent processing by hammer mills, screens or partition tables to a desired size, there are hardly any limits to the size of the task timber. 3-4m edge length, thanks to the bunker and the large shredder inlet no problem and the size of the shredder material can be customized through the use of various rust baskets to local requirements.

PTW Durchsatz pro H Gewicht Aufgabegröße Einlaufgröße Motor Endmaterialgröße
PTW 2 60m³ 22,5t unbegrenzt 3000x2000mm 4x 30kW Je nach Rostkorb